Women in Golf

As we near the end of 2023, the future of women’s golf is brighter than ever. The sport has evolved into a more inclusive and diverse community. Women are increasingly embracing golf, bringing their unique talents and perspectives to the forefront of the game.

This blog delves into the exciting developments, opportunities and achievements that have naturally evolved here at Emajin Golf (Est 2021).

Today, we are working together to make golf a more inclusive & accessible space for all with OUR MISSION to you our women members:

1. To actively build-up a network of Emajin golf women members

2. To encourage the use of golf facilities by our women members (driving range, putting, on-course and more)

3. To create and enhance opportunities to network and build friendships for our women golf members

4. To profile and promote the achievements of our women golf members as our programme progresses

5. To provide on-going support to our women members by using golf practice (+ game) to improve the confidence and skills of our women members on the course

Topics Emajin Golf will cover (not limited to) during our dedicated golf programme:

· The driving range – where to start – how and when to practice

· How to score your rounds and basic golf rules you need to be aware of

· Types of golf events such as Stableford or Stoke

· Etiquette on course (pace of play ie 4hr 15 minutes)

· Time on the short game

· Play with people better than you

· What to wear on course

· R&A (Royal & Ancient) Rules of Golf – the app

· “Vision 2025: The Future of Women and Girls in Golf” Golf Australia Publication

Over the past few years, women have shattered the glass ceiling in golf, breaking through traditional barriers and establishing their place. The sport has witnessed a surge in female participation, both at the amateur and professional level. Thanks to increased media coverage and awareness, golf is no longer perceived as an exclusive domain for some, but rather a sport that welcomes and encourages women and girls.

2023 signifies a milestone year for women’s representation in golf. Tournaments now feature dedicated women’s divisions, with an extensive calendar of prestigious events solely focused on female golfers. Major championships such as the LPGA Tour, Women’s PGA Championship, captivating audiences worldwide.

The emergence of female golfers has played a vital role in inspiring a new generation of women to pursue golf. In 2023, icons like Australian Minjee Lee and Hannah Green (both born in Perth WA), to name only two Australian golfing athletes, continue to captivate fans with their exceptional prowess and dedication to the sport. These role models serve as beacons of inspiration, proving that women can compete at the highest level and achieve greatness in golf.

Equality and Inclusivity

The golfing community has made significant strides towards achieving gender equality and inclusivity. Golf clubs and organizations have implemented initiatives to bridge the gender gap, offering equal opportunities and resources for women golfers. Gender-neutral tees and mixed-gender events have become more common.

With our dedicated focus on women’s golf practice, playing and networking, our Emajin Golf initiative will help support the future of our women members to get out onto the golf course, make new networking links, all the while paving the way for further growth and success in their own path.


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