Emajin Golf & Networking Event held at Bonnie Doon Golf Club July 2023

Our Emajin Golf and Networking Event held at Boonie Doon Golf Club in July, brought together a remarkable gathering of golf enthusiasts, business professionals, and thought leaders. The keynote speaker was none other than the esteemed Paris Cutler of “The Executive Brand”, known for her influential insights in the business world as a strategist and executive coach who works closely with established founders, social media personalities, and executives who need coaching and support.

In attendance, the room was full of forward-thinking business owners, enjoying breakfast and our keynote prior to setting off on 18 holes of golf. Our events always blend the love for golf with the opportunity to forge new business connections. Today the backdrop of the beautiful Boonie Doon Golf Club only added to what would be a very successful event.

Paris’ unique talk confirmed the parallels to how we approach our collective linking of golf, a sport known for its strategic and thoughtful gameplay, to the world of business, she drew parallels between the patience, strategy, and precision required in golf and the similar qualities necessary in the business world. This perspective was an eye-opener for many of our attendees, offering them a fresh outlook on their own professional business brand – a priceless investment.

During our event the interactions and connections made over golf were both meaningful and impactful, with many participants leaving with new business contacts and fresh perspectives.

Our Emajin Golf and Networking Event proved to be more than just an outing at a golf club. It was an insightful, enriching, and engaging experience.

The generosity of our members, like you, allows Emajin Golf to continue its mission to champion and advance the game of golf and networking. By joining us as a Business Member, you are helping to secure a welcoming, sustainable, and thriving future for our community. We are excited about what you and all our members can do for the game through our networking connections and beyond.

More blogs and exclusive insider event happenings with Emajin Golf & Networking happen every 3 weeks – we will touch base here again soon.

Women in Golf

As we near the end of 2023, the future of women’s golf is brighter than ever. The sport has evolved into a more inclusive and diverse community. Women are increasingly embracing golf, bringing their unique talents and perspectives to the forefront of the game.

This blog delves into the exciting developments, opportunities and achievements that have naturally evolved here at Emajin Golf (Est 2021).

Today, we are working together to make golf a more inclusive & accessible space for all with OUR MISSION to you our women members:

1. To actively build-up a network of Emajin golf women members

2. To encourage the use of golf facilities by our women members (driving range, putting, on-course and more)

3. To create and enhance opportunities to network and build friendships for our women golf members

4. To profile and promote the achievements of our women golf members as our programme progresses

5. To provide on-going support to our women members by using golf practice (+ game) to improve the confidence and skills of our women members on the course

Topics Emajin Golf will cover (not limited to) during our dedicated golf programme:

· The driving range – where to start – how and when to practice

· How to score your rounds and basic golf rules you need to be aware of

· Types of golf events such as Stableford or Stoke

· Etiquette on course (pace of play ie 4hr 15 minutes)

· Time on the short game

· Play with people better than you

· What to wear on course

· R&A (Royal & Ancient) Rules of Golf – the app

· “Vision 2025: The Future of Women and Girls in Golf” Golf Australia Publication

Over the past few years, women have shattered the glass ceiling in golf, breaking through traditional barriers and establishing their place. The sport has witnessed a surge in female participation, both at the amateur and professional level. Thanks to increased media coverage and awareness, golf is no longer perceived as an exclusive domain for some, but rather a sport that welcomes and encourages women and girls.

2023 signifies a milestone year for women’s representation in golf. Tournaments now feature dedicated women’s divisions, with an extensive calendar of prestigious events solely focused on female golfers. Major championships such as the LPGA Tour, Women’s PGA Championship, captivating audiences worldwide.

The emergence of female golfers has played a vital role in inspiring a new generation of women to pursue golf. In 2023, icons like Australian Minjee Lee and Hannah Green (both born in Perth WA), to name only two Australian golfing athletes, continue to captivate fans with their exceptional prowess and dedication to the sport. These role models serve as beacons of inspiration, proving that women can compete at the highest level and achieve greatness in golf.

Equality and Inclusivity

The golfing community has made significant strides towards achieving gender equality and inclusivity. Golf clubs and organizations have implemented initiatives to bridge the gender gap, offering equal opportunities and resources for women golfers. Gender-neutral tees and mixed-gender events have become more common.

With our dedicated focus on women’s golf practice, playing and networking, our Emajin Golf initiative will help support the future of our women members to get out onto the golf course, make new networking links, all the while paving the way for further growth and success in their own path.

Emajin Challenge – September Leaderboard

September Monthly winner is: 

Weekly winners in September:

Week 1 –Brett Fowler played at Ballina GC off 17 HC and had 39 points

Week 2 –

Week 3 –

Week 4 –

View the September leaderboard here:

View September Leaderboard

How does The Emajin Challenge Work?

Top 5 scores each week go into the running to win a box of Pro V 1s.  Top 20 scores each month go into the running to win a BRAND NEW DRIVER of your choice every month.  If you don’t want a driver, you can choose from a Scotty Cameron Putter, Bushnell Range Finder or $500 Drummond Voucher.

Over 20,000 dollars worth of prizes up for grabs!

Scores from your local club competitions or open competitions are automatically included in our leaderboard from Golflink.  Once you enter the comp, you can ‘set and forget’.

All you need to do is play your best golf and check out your name on our national leaderboard.

$120 per annum (Or $20 per month if paid monthly)

Practice round @Long Reef GC

Long Reef Golf Course is a true gem located on the picturesque Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia. Nestled between the stunning Pacific Ocean and the rugged coastline.   Emajin golf members recently held a practice round at this lovely course and we were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny morning to add to the breathtaking views.

Let’s dive into the captivating world of Long Reef Golf Club and explore why our Emajin Golf Members where so enthusiastic in coming along for our networking and a practice round at this stunning course.

The Long Reef Golf Course is renowned for its unique location, perched atop a headland with panoramic vistas of the azure ocean. As we stepped onto the course, the refreshing sea breeze welcomed us, creating an invigorating (winter fresh!) setting.

Long Reef Golf Course offered Emajin that extra touch of magic to the golfing experience – as we made our way through the course, we often remarked to each other about the reef’s beauty, and the gentle waves crashing against the shore-line.   It’s a truly mesmerising sight that will make you feel connected to nature throughout your golf game (all the while trying to keep your eye on your longest-drive).

As the Emajin members played the challenging fairways and undulating greens, we loved how the course suited all player levels, all skill levels, offering a fair challenge to our beginners and our seasoned golfers alike. The course layout was both strategic and visually stunning, with each hole presenting a new adventure. From the elevated tees to the strategically placed bunkers and water hazards, Long Reef Golf Course demands, creativity, and strategy.

But it’s not just the reef and the course design that make Long Reef Golf Club exhilarating. The club itself offered us a vibrant and friendly community for our members, we were met with smiles and a welcoming hot coffee. The staff where knowledgeable, attentive, and always ready to assist, ensuring that our Emajin members experience was nothing short of wonderful.

Long Reef Golf Club also offered us various amenities that enhanced our golfing experience for our practice round. The clubhouse boasts breathtaking views of the coastline (and pelicans) providing the perfect backdrop for pre and post-game celebrations also simply enjoying a refreshing drink with our friends. The pro shop was stocked with top-of-the-line equipment and apparel, ensuring our guests where well-prepared for our practice round. And it was welcoming to note, the club offered coaching programs, with a very good sized green for practice putting, allowing our members warm-up nicely.

The Emajin practice event cultivated a sense of camaraderie amongst our members and provided an opportunity to meet fellow golf enthusiasts, share their business networking stories all whilst playing the sport they love.

Long Reef Golf Course and the surrounding reef provided us an enchanting backdrop for an exciting practice round of golf. The stunning natural beauty, combined with the club’s welcoming atmosphere and top-notch facilities, made it a must-visit destination for our Emajin members – they left having made memorable experiences and valuable business connections. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor from afar, Long Reef Golf Club was an unforgettable golfing adventure that combined the thrill of the game with networking and golf.

Exploring the Powers of Networking

Golf networking is a powerful tool that can help businesses grow and achieve their goals. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a corporate executive, building a strong network of professional relationships can provide numerous benefits.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key powers of networking in business.

Opportunities for Business Growth

Networking during golfing events can provide opportunities for business growth through new partnerships, collaborations, and sales leads. By connecting with other professionals in your industry or related fields, you can expand your knowledge and expertise, gain access to new resources, and find potential customers or clients.

Access to Information and Insights

Networking can also provide access to valuable information and insights that can help you make better business decisions. By staying connected with other professionals, you can learn about industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. You can also gain insights into your competitors and identify potential challenges and opportunities.

Building a Strong Reputation

Networking can also help you build a strong reputation within your industry or community. By establishing yourself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional, you can gain the respect and admiration of your peers and potential customers. This can lead to new business opportunities, referrals, and partnerships.

Personal and Professional Development

Networking can also provide opportunities for personal and professional development. By connecting with other professionals, you can gain new skills and knowledge, attend training and educational events, and receive mentorship and guidance. This can help you become a better leader, improve your communication skills, and advance your career.

Emotional Support and Encouragement

Networking can also provide emotional support and encouragement during challenging times. By connecting with other professionals who share your experiences and challenges, you can receive advice, support, and encouragement. This can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals, even during difficult times.

In conclusion, networking is a powerful tool that can provide numerous benefits to businesses and professionals. By building strong relationships with other professionals, you can gain access to new opportunities, information, and resources, build a strong reputation, and develop your personal and professional skills. So, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career, make networking a priority and reap the rewards.

Giving Back to the Community

At Emajin Golf we believe in giving back where we can and using golf as a vehicle to raise funds to support a number of worthy causes.  We have had the privilege to be involved with and support the following Australian charities and fundraising initiatives this year:

  • Emajin Charity Golf Day supporting the Australian Red Cross (NSW & QLD) Floods Appeal
  • Girls from Oz supporting education and employment for Aboriginal girls and young women
  • Shitbox Rally supporting Cancer Research
  • The Australian Children’s Music Foundation
  • Charlie Teo Foundation
  • Bayley House
  • Nomads Golf Day supporting Bowel Cancer and Jack Newton Junior Golf
  • Avondale Golf Club Junior Trust Fundraising Event
  • Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation running ambulance and hospital transport services for those in need

Australian Red Cross NSW & QLD Floods Appeal

Emajin Golf’s Flood relief golf day in support of the Australian Red Cross and all those that had been affected in the NSW/QLD floods was a massive success. All proceeds from the day that included a full round of golf at the prestigious Concord Golf Club, followed by a two course meal, prizes, raffles and much more were donated to the Australian Red Cross Flood Relief. All those that attended had an amazing time whilst feeling great that they have supporting a worthy cause.  We raised $7,900 from this event.

Girls from Oz

The Girls from Oz (g-oz) program, uses a tried and tested performing arts engagement model developed over 30 years by the Australian School of Performing Arts, to engage and re-engage females living in some of the most at-risk communities in Australia.  We have supported our partner Atria Real Estate, to support g-oz provide employment outcomes for students in remote Australia, particularly Aboriginal girls and young women.

Oz Harvest

Emajin was proud to support the Oz Harvest Charity Golf Day.  Founded by Ronni Kahn AO in 2004 after noticing the huge volume of food going to waste, OzHarvest quickly grew to become Australia’s leading food rescue organisation. Food is at our core, saving surplus food from ending up in landfill and delivering it to charities that help feed people in need. We are committed to halving food waste by 2030, inspiring and influencing others to do the same, and transforming lives through education.

Shitbox Rally

Emajin Golf is proud to support the Shitbox Rally. Raising money for Australia’s most exciting cancer research projects that have the highest and potentially significant impact on those affected by cancer.

2022 RESEARCH GRANTS Supported by proceeds of the Shitbox Rally
FY 2020/2021

University of Melbourne (Associate Professor Michael Griffin) – $443,055: Pancreatic and colorectal – A new therapeutic opportunity for gastrointestinal cancers

University of Melbourne (Associate Professor Daniel Buchanan) – $447,752: Colorectal – Linking gut bacteria to the development of early onset colorectal cancer using multi-omic profiling

The University of Adelaide (Professor Lisa Butler) – $433,228: Prostate cancer – A patient-derived discovery platform for companion biomarker development in prostate cancer

University of Western Australia (Associate Professor Pilar Blancafort) – $449,356: Breast cancer – Identification and targeting of a new subtype of oestrogen receptor breast positive breast cancer

University of Sydney (Dr Jenny Yingzi Wang) – $450,000: Acute myeloid leukemia – Developing a novel targeted therapy for treating chemotherapy-resistant leukemia

BNI Gala Supporting Australian Children’s Music Foundation

The power of music should never be underestimated. Australian Children’s Music Foundation raises money for children wanting to get into and pursue music as a career, a very worth cause!

Charlie Teo Foundation

Charlie Teo Foundation supports brain cancer research.

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease and more people under 40 than any other cancer.  The worst type of brain cancer, GBM, is also the most common and has an average survival of only 15 months from diagnosis.

Bayley House

Whilst Bayley House has been providing support and services for over 70 years, there is significant work still to be done. Every day, people with disability are stigmatised, marginalised, underfunded and excluded from communities. The results of this are devastating and include the fact that 50% of people with intellectual disabilities are chronically lonely.

Bayley House provides exceptional services that actively support people living with a disability to realise and reach their goals and dreams.

Avondale Golf Club Junior Trust Fundraising Event

We were thrilled to attend this event with Emajin member and Avondale GC member Michael Lam and contribute $1,800 towards the exceptional work that Avondale Golf Club is doing with their junior program and providing young golfers the opportunity to complete, play, develop and grow their golfing careers.

Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation 

This foundation provides much needed services for hospital transport and ambulance services to those in need.  We at Emajin were thrilled to make a contribution of $3,600 towards this cause at their fundraiser golf day at Concord Golf Club.

If you would like to involved in spporting worthy causes or have a worthy cause that you would like us to consider, then please do not hesitate to contact us at clubhouse@emajin.golf