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Emajin Networking events focus on providing learning & growth opportunities for our members.

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Emajin Golf Business Club and our Networking events focus on providing opportunities for our members and their visitors to connect with other like-minded business professionals, executives and entrepreneurs in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Our events feature senior and high calibre keynote speakers and is a great way to hear from business leaders as well as provide learning and growth opportunities for our members.

Paul Graham, Australia Post

Paul Graham, CEO and Managing Director of Australia Post, was the keynote presenter at our E-commerce Networking event at NSW Golf Club.  He talked about the importance of e-commerce in today’s business market and shed some light on how it can positively impact you and your business.

Paul is an industry leader, with more than 30 years’ experience, starting his career at 18 in customer service in the international cargo industry.  Paul has worked in many senior roles including at Woolworths Group, where he was Chief Supply Chain Officer and Managing Director of Primary Connect, and Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer for Europe, Middle East & Africa for DHL. 

In addition to his executive roles, Paul has served as Chairman of a global digital marketing group based in London, served on various University and Government advisory Boards and also on Boards in the FMCG and farming sectors.  Passionate about mental health and wellbeing, Paul is also the Chair of the Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds Foundation.

Peter Gould, Gould Studio & Okay Bears NFT

Peter Gould is the Founder and CEO or Gould Studio, a design consultancy, with 20+ years experience working with global brands and diverse creative projects. Gould Studio is based in Sydney, Dubai, Beirut & Jakarta and advocates for Heart-Centered Design to create meaningful brands, cross-cultural understanding and transformative change.

Peter’s engagements have included Apple, Google, United Nations, Greenpeace and a diverse portfolio of clients from senior government projects to Web3 startups.

Recently he advised on a highly successful NFT venture, Okay Bears, supporting the founders from their concept to launch. Okay Bears NFT was highly successful with over $1.1 b in trades over the first ten days of trading.

Peter presented at our Cryptocurrency Networking Event and shared his insights on the Okay Bears journey and his thoughts on the future of NFTs.

Ahmad Imam, The Executive Brand

Ahmad Imam is a highly regarded Entrepreneur, TV Presenter, Social Media Personality, and Global Influencer who has amassed a following of over 1.1 million professionals on Linkedin.

With a values-driven focus on impact and empowerment, Ahmad receives 4 Million+ views on his content per month, has been awarded ‘International Influencer Of The Year 2022’, and ‘announced as one of the ‘Top 10 Influencers To Follow In 2021’.

As the Founder and CEO of ‘The Executive Brand’, LinkedIn’s leading personal branding and content marketing agency, Ahmad helps C-suite executives, sophisticated entrepreneurs, HNWIs and UHNWIs amplify their personal brand, influence, visibility, and positions them as an authority and global leader in their field.  Ahmad will provide a keynote on “How to Build an Executive Brand on Linkedin and become the go-to authority in your field.”

You can find Ahmad hosting events for Success Resources featuring some of the world’s greatest Speakers, Thought Leaders and Educators including Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few.

Rachel Powell, Xero

Rachael Powell is the Chief Customer Officer at Xero, serving over 3 million subscribers globally. She is responsible for the strategy and financial performance of global sales, marketing, communications, digital and customer functions.

In her 25 year career as a global executive, Rachael has developed cross-disciplinary leadership capabilities in business development, sales, strategy, marketing, communications, human resources and customer functions in both the financial services and tech industries.

Currently leading a global team in a fast-paced tech company, Rachael inspires and guides cross-functional teaming, shared business goals and creates the kind of environment that is agile, safe and conducive to risk taking. 

Her unique and comprehensive experience set her up to take on this c-suite executive position at Xero at a time when customer success is being redefined globally and forming a central part of every company’s long-term success.

Rachael has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and a Bachelor of Business. She sits on the Advisory Board at Swinburne University.

John Mattick, AO, Professor at UNSW

John is Professor of RNA Biology at UNSW Sydney and previously Chief Executive of Genomics England, and Director of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney.

Mattick has also worked at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Cologne. He was Foundation Director of the Australian Genome Research Facility, two ARC Special Research Centres and the Institute for Molecular Bioscience.

Over the past 20 years he has pioneered a new view of the genetic programming of humans, by showing that the majority of the genome, previously considered ‘junk’, actually specifies a dynamic network of regulatory RNAs that guide differentiation and development. He has been featured in Nature Magazine and the New York Times, and won multiple global awards and accolades, including the Order of Australia.

John presented at our Healthcare Industry Golf Networking event on the topic: “The impact of genetics on the future of healthcare and the implications of these leaps in technology on the business of healthcare.”


Sam Norton, Elite Athlete and Founder of Fluid Intelligence

Sam Norton is an international elite athlete and performance coach and has worked with Olympic athletes and leaders during his 18 years as Founder and CEO of Fluid Intelligence, providing private coaching and business leadership training to help individuals’ perform at their best.

The most useful skill you can have as a business leader is understanding human behaviour.  At our Netowrking event at Monash Country Club, Sam helped us learn how to better understand people to perform at the top of your game! The session covered:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, your own drivers and behaviours and how you best interact with different workstyles. 
  • Learning a framework that allows you to quickly understand others behavioural drivers that will allow for faster building of relationships and better business outcomes
  • Gaining insights into people in the room, understand how they interact with others and translate this into better business relationships. 

This was an interactive session where participants learned a framework for understanding different working styles, communication preferences, decision making approach, risk taking thresholds, relationships, interactions and approach to rules.  The purpose was to improve interactions and develop deeper levels of emotional intelligence at all levels in business.