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Your golfing journey with Emajin Golf

Every golfer needs a handicap to get involved in the game, whether you’re a serious competitor or new to the game. Emajin Golf is an online club allowing more Australians to hit the green and play with an official Golf Australia handicap without being tied to a single location club. Our affordable options offer the flexibility for members to grow their game and experience new clubs without losing the benefits of belonging to a community.

Emajin Golf Membership

Become an 'Emajineer'

Our flexible membership options give you the freedom to play your game, maintain your handicap and tap into the networking powers of golf without sacrificing your lifestyle. Play from any course, on your terms, with cost-effective memberships and unmissable networking events.

Get an Official GA Handicap

Emajin Golf is the fastest and easiest way to receive your official Golf Australia handicap and unlock the opportunity to play, network and compete amongst our growing community of like-minded golfers. Not only does your handicap enable you to play anywhere, anytime, but it also gives you access to our organised events, competitions, and tours that fit in with your lifestyle.

Why do I need a Golf Handicap?

A golf handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s ability or their “potential to play” a golf course at a given moment in time. This handicap allows players of varying abilities to play with and fairly compete against one another. The World Handicapping System has been designed to make it possible and fair to compare golfers’ scores when competing from different tees on the same golf course or when competing against competitors playing other golf courses on that same day.

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