Golf Meets Business

Strengthen your business network & build long lasting relationships

Join Australia's largest Golf Networking Community

We all know that business networking and word-of-mouth referrals bring in qualified leads and valuable advice for entrepreneurs, executives and business owners, so why not make it a little fun? The golf course is the perfect place to build business relationships, and Emajin Golf has exclusive events at Australia’s top courses to take your business networking to the next level.

We welcome members looking to build new business contacts or strengthen existing connections while bonding over a round of golf on some of Australia’s finest courses and hidden gems.

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Why join Emajin's Golf Networking?

The possibilities to grow your business network on the course are endless. At our events, you can

  • Grow a network of like-minded business leaders
  • Strengthen existing connections with industry professionals
  • Share and gain invaluable advice and guidance
  • Entertain your clients and business contacts
  • Get qualified leads for your business
  • Have fun and work on your golf game

How it works?

Emajin’s Golf Networking group comprises professionals from a range of industries who are looking to expand their network and make connections to grow their business. With a number of large networking events across Australia on the calendar, coupled with a series of small, intimate, industry based events organised regularly; it’s the perfect opportunity to build a referral network while playing at some of Australia’s finest courses and hidden gems.

The Schedule

We’ve got an exciting schedule set and a growing list of members set to make it an excellent opportunity for business leaders. Our upcoming rounds of golf networking will be held in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, with more cities to be added as our community grows.

Each event is scheduled for a weekday to give professionals the chance to network over a game of golf without having to give up their weekends. To learn more about our schedule, contact The Clubhouse via email at clubhouse@emajin.golf

The Nitty Gritty

To make our golf networking events successful, our members are encouraged to attend as many events as possible each year. Every member can bring three visitors to the event providing the opportunity to entertain clients, business associates or team members looking to expand their network.

Outside of our pre-organised events, Emajin can help you host private corporate golf days. There are also plenty of opportunities to connect with other members in the network through 1:1s or in smaller groups.

Membership per annum costs $399. Plus, green fees and additional costs to be paid per event based on the venue and specific event details.