Emajin Podcast: #2 George Guse: Strategies for creating a sustainable future!

Welcome to the second episode of the Emajin Golf Podcast Series – Beyond the 19th.

At Emajin Golf, we believe that a true golfing network shouldn’t end in the clubhouse. Hosted by Raj Narayan, Founder of Emajin Golf, Beyond the 19th is our way of staying connected with the exciting & fun Emajin Network.This week we talk to George Guse, Managing Director of Arc Renewable Group and Atlas Renewables.This is a feel good story of how a 19 year old boy from Poland sets up his first business in the renewables space almost by chance and builds it into a top ten wholesaler within a two year period. George has become known as a thought leader in this industry and goes on to set up multiple successful businesses in Renewables.George shares with us some key insights on how we can each understand our own personal and business emission scopes and provides strategies on understanding, evaluating and reducing our carbon footprint.Even a small step by each of us can have a huge impact collectively in reducing emissions and creating a more sustainable future!Lookout for our podcasts weekly, as we will be hosting weekly conversations with Founders, CEOs and Executives from our network and beyond. You’ll hear everything from:– hilarious golfing gaffes– career highlights,– strategic corporate insights,– and everything in between.Take a listen and Emajin the possibilities! ⛳️


We were all very excited to welcome members and guests to the exclusive, Pines Sanctuary Cove

Monday kicked off with a bang We were all very excited to welcome members and guests

Stephanie Christopher, CEO TEC, shares her leadership experience, the power of influencing and walks us through