Emajin Podcast: #3 Sheila Eldridge: Navigating the property market with ease!

Welcome to episode #3 of the Emajin Golf Podcast Series – Beyond the 19th.At Emajin Golf, we believe that a true golfing network shouldn’t end in the clubhouse. Hosted by Raj Narayan, Founder of Emajin Golf, Beyond the 19th is our way of staying connected with the exciting & fun Emajin Network.This week it has been an absolute pleasure to talk to Sheila Eldridge, who is an Emajin member, Buyer’s Agent and owner of Property Advisory Sydney.

As a licensed real estate professional, Sheila has spent almost a decade helping people purchase homes across Sydney, or relocate here from overseas.

Having moved to Sydney from the USA herself about 28 years ago, Sheila has helped a large number of clients buy, sell, and invest in property assets across Sydney, right from providing early access to properties, assessing the viability of properties against her client’s wealth goals and most importantly negotiating favourable terms and a great price!

Sheila shares with us not only her golfing accomplishments where she has won multiple club chapionships and hole in ones.  She also shares her views on the property market and where it is headed, good investment locations in the current environment and provides 3 tips for anyone looking to make a property investment in the near future.

If you are feeling stuck on your property journey, or just want to learn more about where the property market and interest rates are headed, this podcast episode is a must listen!

Lookout for our podcasts weekly, as we will be hosting weekly conversations with Founders, CEOs and Executives from our network and beyond. You’ll hear everything from:– hilarious golfing gaffes– career highlights,– strategic corporate insights,– and everything in between.Take a listen and Emajin the possibilities! ⛳️


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