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At Emajin Golf, we are always excited to partner with our corporate members to enrich our community. Chris, one of our founding members, recognizes the diverse opportunities that golf offers. We are proud to have him as a valued member and partner and look forward to continuing our journey together for many years to come.

Drummond Golf Northmead supports the Emajin community and beyond by enhancing their game with top-quality gear at unbeatable prices. Understanding that every golfer is unique, the team at Drummond Northmead can customise your equipment and entertainment experience to perfectly match your needs and preferences.

If you would like to know more about Drummond Northmead, see below.

Unlock Your Best Game with Drummond Golf Northmead

Welcome to Drummond Golf Northmead, a cornerstone of excellence within Australia’s premier golf retailing landscape. With a rich history that traces back to a modest beginning in Bendigo in 1974, Drummond Golf has expanded its horizon to become the nation’s largest off-course golf retailer, proudly serving the community with 50 stores across Australia, including our esteemed Northmead location.

Why Drummond Golf Northmead Stands Apart

At Drummond Golf Northmead, Franchisee Chris Moody and his team understand that golf is more than a sport; it’s a passion that requires the right equipment, knowledge, and support to excel. Our commitment to quality service, expert knowledge, and competitive pricing is unparalleled, thanks to our unique model of owner-operated stores. This approach ensures that each visit to our store is not just a shopping trip but a comprehensive golfing experience.

Guaranteed Quality and Service

Our dedication to your golfing journey is evident in every product we offer, all of which come with full Australian warranties. This guarantee of quality, paired with our team’s unmatched expertise, ensures that you receive not only the best products but also the best advice and support in the industry.

Custom Fitting for Unmatched Performance

Understanding that the quest for the perfect game is deeply personal, we reject the ‘one size fits all’ approach to golf clubs. Drummond Golf Northmead takes pride in offering MiMatch, golf’s most advanced fitting experience exclusive to Drummond Golf. This complimentary service evaluates your unique playing characteristics against all leading brands to find the clubs that will elevate your game. With MiMatch, we’re not just selling golf clubs; we’re enhancing your performance on the course.

Committed to the Best Prices

At Drummond Golf Northmead, our mission aligns with every golfer’s dream: achieving the lowest possible score. That’s why we stand by the Drummond Golf Lowest Price Guarantee. Our team diligently monitors our prices to ensure they remain the most competitive in the market. If you find a lower advertised price elsewhere, we promise not only to match it but to beat it. That’s our guarantee to you because we believe in fair play, both on and off the course.

EMAJIN AND Drummond Golf Northmead

Drummond Golf Northmead, we value partnerships and EMAJIN and our values and what we are striving to do through Golf makes a perfect partnership.

Through the partnership as can provide you with the equipment and the expertise on your golfing journey and we love to be a long for the ride. Gold is a game that can be played seriously or for fun and there is no need that they should be mutually exclusive, with EMAJIN and their partners we plan on a long-term journey.

BIG SWING Northmead

We also have our indoor sports complex, where we can host corporate bonding sessions, networking events and combine them with music, golf food and sport. Available for functions seven days a week this is another way we are expanding the game and bringing it to you for your staff, clients or just for you to hone your skills.

Join the Drummond Golf Northmead Family

As a valued member of the Drummond Golf community, you’re not just a customer; you’re part of a tradition that celebrates over 50 years of golfing excellence. Drummond Golf Northmead isn’t merely a store; it’s a destination where your passion for golf is understood, encouraged, and supported with the best the world has to offer.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to refine your game or a newcomer eager to start on the right foot, Drummond Golf Northmead is your partner in pursuit of golfing excellence. Our promise of quality, expertise, and unbeatable prices makes us the go-to destination for golfers of all levels and ages.

Experience the difference at Drummond Golf Northmead. Where golfing dreams are understood, nurtured, and realized. Welcome to the family.



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