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Golf Tip – Takeaway

Two-second Takeaway Check

The TAKEAWAY begins immediately when you start your swing.  Takeaway comes after the golf setup and ends when the club gets parallel to the ground and before the backswing begins.

TAKEAWAY TIP: It would be best if you always worked on keeping your clubhead in front of your hands on the takeaway.

👉🏼Get into your address position, then start the club back
👉🏼Make sure the shaft points at the target during takeaway
👉🏼Clubface is to be aimed at the ground slightly
👉🏼Hands stay in front of the chest
👉🏼Stop when the club shaft reaches parallel to the ground
👉🏼Look back and check that the club head is in line with your hands

This will keep your swing RIGHT where you want it! 🏌️‍♂️