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Women’s Golf Magazine Feature

I am excited to be featured in the Spring 2022 edition of the Women’s Golf Magazine.

It was great to talk about the Emajin Golf story and our journey since January 2021.

With a mission to make golf inclusive, accessible, flexible, and fun to the thousands of golfers across Australia, we at Emajin Golf have thoroughly enjoyed bringing innovative ideas and value-based access to golf for all skill levels and backgrounds.

Firstly, a very big thanks to the amazing team at Emajin Golf, Ben Doney, Jamie Mattick, Allan Haughie, Portia Hill, and Andrew Marchbank, who so strongly support our vision every step of the way, and without whom this wouldn’t be half as fun!

Proving golf-based networking opportunities to build strong connections and business growth has been a great success.  A big thanks to all our keynote speakers who have shared their insights and experiences with us – Paul Graham, Peter Gould, Rich Harvey, John Mattick AO.  And thanks to the partnership with a number of great golf courses across Australia for hosting our events.

To our members, who have been so fantastic, thank you for your support. We have so enjoyed working with all of you right from getting into golf clinics, official handicaps, online competitions, business networking and so much more.

Building golfing communities from the hundreds of thousands of golfers across the nation has been so rewarding.

“Emajin Golf is run by golfers, for golfers and this is at the heart of everything we do.”

– Raj Narayan, Founder & CEO, Emajin Golf

Read Full Article Here – Women’s Golf Magazine Spring 2022

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Member Benefits

Here at Emajin Golf, we want to help our members to Get in the Game and make golf accessible, inclusive, flexible and fun.  While many believe that golf is a difficult sport to break into because of the cost, we are trying to break that stigma and get everyone out on the course!

To assist with this, we have a number of member benefits, whether it is to get in some more practice, get great deals on equipment or just play more golf in general.

We have partnered with many of Australia’s biggest and best golf brands to give you, our members, the best deals possible.

Below is a list of our partners with the discounts and benefits that are provided to Emajin Golf members. In addition to this, you can always reach out to our friendly and helpful Emajin Golf team who are dedicated to making your golfing life as fun and easy as possible.

With the support provided from the team and the benefits that you will enjoy as an Emajineer, you really can’t go wrong. If only playing golf was this easy!


Emajin members receive a 25% discount on all adidas golf attire and equipment.

Use the code EMAJIN25 at checkout.

Shop the adidas golf range, including apparel, accessories, and shoes at

adidas is a leader in sustainable fashion through their use of recycled and natural materials in all their products.

Big Swing Golf

All Emajin members will receive a complementary membership with Big Swing Golf, valued at $35

This includes a

  • 1 hour sim hire x 1 person
  • 10% off sim hire and food and beverages for life
  • Member’s details are included in the BSG database, and you are set to receive any future offers and benefits.

Check out the Big Swing Locations –

With a massive screen and a selection of exciting virtual games, Big Swing Golf delivers a one-of-a-kind simulation that’s fun for golfers and non-golfers alike.

Drummond Golf

All Emajin Business Club members (Networking members) will receive a complementary lifetime membership with Drummond Golf, valued at $39.95

This membership provides storewide discounts at Drummond Golf of 20% and up to 40% on some items.

As Australia’s premier golf retailer for over 40 years, Drummond Golf has been providing the largest range of the world’s leading golf brands at competitive prices.


Emajin is partnered with Trackman, and Trackman will provide complementary swing assessments and statistics at all our Emajin events.

TrackMan 4 is the tracking unit of choice for the top players in the world.  And now you can access this technology.  Better data leads to better golf.

Complementary online swing assessment by Emajin PGA Professionals

 Contact us via email at to book your dedicated swing assessment or onboarding session.

Send us a video of your swing and we will be able to connect with you via zoom to provide swing tips and drills to help you on your golfing journey.

We are also happy to have a chat about golf equipment, golf balls, accessing golf bookings and any other question you might have.

Get in touch, as we are here to help!

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Australian Golf Digest Article June 2022

Big news: Emajin Golf is once again featured in the Australian Golf Digest June 2022 issue, which is out now!

This time, our Founder, Raj Narayan, was asked by Brad Clifton, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, whether corporate golf was making a comeback. Her answer was definitely YES!

However, she says, the focus has shifted from large one-off, single-company corporate days to regular golf networking events. It’s becoming clear that golf as a business activity is most effective when people meet to network with some consistency. That’s how long-term, strong relationships are built.

We have had an incredible response from our members and their business partners to our golf networking events. Businesspeople from different industries are coming together to connect and build solid working relationships over golf. It’s no longer just for the elite.

Emajin is all about connectivity and inclusivity, which is why our events have a range of ways to get involved, from the full 18-holes to a ‘try golf’ clinic.

The Australian Golf Digest dubbed us the New Age of Golf, and you can read more about this fresh approach to uniting business and the great game in the magazine.

Pictured from left to right : Chris Thompson, Raj Narayan, Tim Borham, James Mattick, Steve Tomlin, Chris Clarke, Adam Forman, Craig Forman.

Read the full article here: “Is Corporate Golf really back?” Australian Golf Digest, June 2022 issue.

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Emajin Online Competition – Join Now!

Emajin Nationwide Online Competition is a great way to compete against anyone, anywhere and win big prizes.  Whether you are playing at your local club competition or are playing a round within the Emajin competition, all scores count towards our weekly and monthly leaderboards.

Top 5 scores each week go into the running to win a box of Pro V1 balls.  Top 5 scores each week get entered into our monthly draw to win a brand new driver of your choice in our monthly competition.

Learn more about getting an official Golf Australia handicap with Emajin Golf.

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“New Age of Golf” – As Featured in the Australian Golf Digest

“The evolution of the golf industry in Australia. How Emajin Golf is helping broaden golf’s reach.” By Annabel Rolley, Australian Golf Digest

“Emajin is an online golf club and a virtual community designed for those who want to enjoy the game on their own terms.  By showcasing Golf’s bright future and creating a new pathway for the modern golfer, Emajin is giving golfers a new option”, reads the article.

To view the full article, click on the link below.

Golf Digest Article

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Emajin Online Competition


Are you ready for a new era in competition golf? Our comps allow players of all abilities to play from anywhere, anytime, while enjoying the benefits of playing against a community of golfers. Here’s how you can get involved.

Golf competitions have always been a staple of our beloved game. Think community, the chance to challenge yourself and beat your mates, and of course, great prizes! While our lives outside of golf have evolved, standard competitions haven’t kept up, and their restrictive nature doesn’t match our busy lifestyles.

Too many players aren’t bothering with competitions because they can’t commit to a single club or access regular tournaments. So, we decided to change all that!

Welcome to Australia’s largest online golf competition!

Welcome to Australia’s largest online golf competition! that allows players with an official Golf Australia Handicap to play against golfers from across the country. We wanted our competition to be super flexible, so players from all walks of life and abilities could compete fairly no matter where they are or when they can play.

“It was hard to see so many people unable to participate in competition golf because of time, expense and location restrictions”. says Emajin CEO Raj Narayan. “We are really excited to bring Australia’s largest online competition to life and welcome such a diverse and inclusive community to the world of golf competitions.”

How It Works

Everyone in our online competition plays with an official Golf Australia Handicap. If you already have your handicap, that’s great!  If not, you can get your official handicap through our online golf club.

After registering online, you can play any course you like whenever you choose. Simply submit your scorecard through our online portal to join our leaderboards and be in with the chance to win some seriously great prizes. There’s a box of Pro V balls up for grabs every week, as well as the chance to win a driver of your choice every month.

All you need is an official GA handicap to register in our competition. All scorecards whether they are club competition rounds or Emajin competition rounds can be submitted, as long as they are marked and signed by a marker with an official handicap, and played adhering to the Rules of Golf.  You can submit a photo of your scorecard via our website.

We’ve also got some exciting special events on the schedule throughout the year, including a Masters Week comp so you can feel like you’re part of the action.

We’re Keeping It Fair For Everyone Who Hits The Fairway

Emajin Golf’s flexibility and inclusivity are made possible by the World Handicap System (WHS). Introduced in January 2020, the WHS has unified six different handicap systems used worldwide to create a single standard for all golf competitions.

We won’t bog you down in detail because the WHS* can get complicated. All you need to know is that the WHS allows golfers of varying abilities, on different courses and in various conditions to play on a level playing field. You can take on anyone and win!

So, are you in? Our online competition starts on March 1st and is easy to join via our website. Importantly, it’s also a great price at just $120 per year. We can’t wait to hit the fairways and see golfers across Australia on our digital leaderboards.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team on 1800 EMAJIN.

* You can read all about the specifics of the handicapping system on the WHS website.