Women in Golf

As we near the end of 2023, the future of women’s golf is brighter than ever. The sport has evolved into a

Practice round @Long Reef GC

Long Reef Golf Course is a true gem located on the picturesque Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia. Nestled between the stunning Pacific

The Importance of Course Management

Course management is an essential component of playing golf. It involves making strategic decisions about how to approach each hole on the

LIV Emajin Tour Blog

LIV Golf Tour: The Next Generation of Golf A handful of our Members were lucky enough to witness the first LIV Tour

Member Benefits

Here at Emajin Golf, we want to help our members to Get in the Game and make golf accessible, inclusive, flexible and

How a Golf Handicap works

The golf handicap! Lets dive into it.. Viktor Hovland played his home course in Norway the other day in preparation for the