New Age of Golf

The new age of golf is here! Total flexibility to tailor your membership to your needs.

About Emajin Golf

Emajin Golf is an online golf club that has opened up the world of golf, giving more people the opportunity to get involved in the sport and the freedom to play their game. 

The landscape of golf is changing. The sport has never been more popular, but players are time-poor and seek the flexibility to fit their game time into their busy lives. The new model for golfers is an option tailored to their needs based on work, life, and other commitments.

That’s why our memberships give players the option to play where they want, when they want, and with their own crew! Armed with an official Golf Australia handicap and without the need to commit to a single location club, Emajin offers the freedom to golf on your own terms.  At the same time, our community allows transient players to be a part of a network of like mined golfers with exclusive access to business networking events, premium golf courses and competitions. 

Meet Raj

Raj Narayan is co-founder and CEO at Emajin Golf.  A golf tragic who loves the game, Raj comes from a corporate background and has held various corporate leadership and NED positions, including COO at Westpac Private Bank. She was a Golf NSW advisory committee member and women’s captain/board member at a leading golf club in Sydney. 

She has experienced the benefits of having a handicap and golf networking firsthand but has also seen many people turn away from this much loved sport because of the expense and time required of committing to a single location club. Her goal is to bring the game of golf to as many people as possible. Everyone is welcome!

Meet Steve

Steven Tomlin is co-founder and Senior Consultant at Emajin Golf. 

Steve has been an avid golfer for over 30 years, managing tours and golfing events for the past 28 years. Previously captain and board member at a leading golf club in Sydney.

Steve is a successful entrepreneur and business leader who has built, managed and led many businesses such as Innovation Brokerage, Mercari and Envirobank. 

Meet Ben

Ben Doney is the Head Professional at Emajin Golf.  

Ben is certified PGA professional with over 25 years experience in the golf industry. Former PGA Tour Rules Official and presenter on the FOX Sports Golf Show for 18 years. 

He is also the currently the Head Teaching Professional at Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club. Previous experience also includes General Manager of sponsorships at Paul Gow Marketing and Member Development Officer at the PGA of Australia.

Meet Allan

Allan Haughie is an Emajin Teaching Professional.  Allan is a certified PGA Professional and teaches at Lane Cove Golf Club and Precision Golf.

Allan competes regularly in professional events as well as specialises in coaching both beginners and experienced players.

Meet Jamie

Jamie Mattick is Account Manager at Emajin Golf. Jamie manages customer engagement, new account establishment and online tournaments.

Jamie loves golf and plays regularly at courses around Sydney.

Meet Andrew

Andrew Marchbank is Emajin Golf’s first PGA Professional in Western Australia. With a Science Degree from the University of Queensland majoring in Human Movements and Psychology, Andrew has a strong understanding of both the physical and mental side of the game.

He is truly a golf enthusiast who turned his love for the game into his career.


Emajin Golf gives members affordable access to an official Golf Australia handicap without committing to a single location club. We offer the chance to play at some of the best courses across the country and enter competitions enjoying the flexibility, while our networking activities give you all the benefits of having a regular club. 

All Emajin Golf members are eligible for an official Golf Australia handicap. All you need to do is submit three conforming completed 18-hole scorecard images or six completed 9-hole scorecard images, and we’ll do the rest. 

You can email your scorecards to scorecard@emajin.golf.

Emajin Golf is the fastest and easiest way to receive your official Golf Australia handicap. After submitting your required scorecards, you can expect to receive your handicap in 24 hours and unlock the opportunity to play, network and compete within our inclusive community.

To receive your official Golf Australia handicap through Emajin Golf, you can submit your required scorecards by emailing images to scorecard@emajin.golf.

To be eligible for an official Golf Australia handicap through Emajin Golf, your submitted scorecards must display;

  • The date the round was played
  • The course played by tee colour
  • The number of strokes taken to complete each hole to a maximum of 5 strokes over each hole’s par
  • The player’s signature
  • A marker signature who has an official GA handicap and sited the round
  • The marker’s printed name and Golflink number