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Member Benefits

Here at Emajin Golf, we want to help our members to Get in the Game and make golf accessible, inclusive, flexible and fun.  While many believe that golf is a difficult sport to break into because of the cost, we are trying to break that stigma and get everyone out on the course!

To assist with this, we have a number of member benefits, whether it is to get in some more practice, get great deals on equipment or just play more golf in general.

We have partnered with many of Australia’s biggest and best golf brands to give you, our members, the best deals possible.

Below is a list of our partners with the discounts and benefits that are provided to Emajin Golf members. In addition to this, you can always reach out to our friendly and helpful Emajin Golf team who are dedicated to making your golfing life as fun and easy as possible.

With the support provided from the team and the benefits that you will enjoy as an Emajineer, you really can’t go wrong. If only playing golf was this easy!


Emajin members receive a 25% discount on all Adidas golf attire and equipment.

Use the code EMAJIN25 at checkout.

Shop the Adidas golf range, including apparel, accessories, and shoes at

Adidas is a leader in sustainable fashion through their use of recycled and natural materials in all their products.

Big Swing Golf

All Emajin members will receive a complementary membership with Big Swing Golf, valued at $35

This includes a

  • 1 hour sim hire x 1 person
  • 10% off sim hire and food and beverages for life
  • Member’s details are included in the BSG database, and you are set to receive any future offers and benefits.

Check out the Big Swing Locations –

With a massive screen and a selection of exciting virtual games, Big Swing Golf delivers a one-of-a-kind simulation that’s fun for golfers and non-golfers alike.

Drummond Golf

All Emajin Business Club members (Networking members) will receive a complementary lifetime membership with Drummond Golf, valued at $39.95

This membership provides storewide discounts at Drummond Golf of 20% and up to 40% on some items.

As Australia’s premier golf retailer for over 40 years, Drummond Golf has been providing the largest range of the world’s leading golf brands at competitive prices.


Emajin is partnered with Trackman, and Trackman will provide complementary swing assessments and statistics at all our Emajin events.

TrackMan 4 is the tracking unit of choice for the top players in the world.  And now you can access this technology.  Better data leads to better golf.

Complementary online swing assessment by Emajin PGA Professionals

 Contact us via email at to book your dedicated swing assessment or onboarding session.

Send us a video of your swing and we will be able to connect with you via zoom to provide swing tips and drills to help you on your golfing journey.

We are also happy to have a chat about golf equipment, golf balls, accessing golf bookings and any other question you might have.

Get in touch, as we are here to help!

Playfair Golf and Goods

Emajin is partnered with Playfair Golf and Goods, and will provide our members with a 15% discount.

Playfair creates a unique experience by combining world class technology and training expertise to create a welcoming and convenient environment for developing each and every players golfing potential. Offers a range of products and services including individual and group lessons, custom programs and unassisted sessions.

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Online Comp – October 2022 Leaderboard

Emajin Nationwide Online Competition Scores:

October Monthly DRIVER winner is John Harrison, Monash GC – 36 points off 3 handicap

Weekly winners in October:

Week 1 – Joe Cox, Neangar Park Golf Club VIC – 36 points off 5 handicap

Week 2 – Jamie Hooper, Blackwater Golf Club, QLD – 35 points off 15 handicap

Week 3 – Adam Higgins, Parkwood Golf Club, QLD – 44 points off 29 handicap

Week 4 – John Harrison, Monash Country Club, NSW – 36 points off 3 handicap

Week 5 – Bee Mew-Sum, Avondale Golf Club, NSW – 38 points off 17 handicap

How does the Emajin Nationwide Online Comp Work?

Top 5 scores each week go into the running to win a box of Pro V 1s.  Top 20 scores each month go into the running to win a BRAND NEW DRIVER of your choice every month.  Over 16,000 dollars worth of prizes up for grabs!

Scores from your club competitions are automatically included in our leaderboard from Golflink.  Once you enter the comp, you can ‘set and forget’.

All you need to do is play your best golf and check out your name on our national leaderboard.

$120 per annum (Only $10 per month)

View the October leaderboard here:

October 2022 Leaderboard

Learn more about getting a golf handicap with Emajin.

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How a Golf Handicap works

The golf handicap! Lets dive into it..

Viktor Hovland played his home course in Norway the other day in preparation for the British Open Championship. He shot the course record (60) or -12 under, replacing previous course record holder, himself.

To a new golfer or even an average golfer, this is unfathomable. To Viktor it was expected. Not expected in a sense that he pulls up to golf courses anywhere in the world and just presumes he’s going to shoot 12 under par but more so he just played to his handicap.

If we break it down; Viktor is around a +8 handicap, even though pros don’t have handicaps! Meaning that on an average golf course he needs to make 8 birdies and shoot 64 to play to his par. Then on top of that he’s used to playing PGA set up golf courses with lengthy holes, 12cm thick rough and lighting fast greens. So when he arrives at his childhood public course they might want a little more out of him and depending on difficulty ask for -10 to shoot his par. On this day he went a little better and shot -12 but when we factor his actual handicap in he only ‘technically’ shot -2.

Why does this matter? We are not going out and shooting scores like that anytime soon or even in this lifetime are we! It matters because Viktor wasn’t the only one to shoot -2 under that day. (64) year old John Citizen also shot 2 under and so did Mary Goldberg (48) on her 5th round ever! Now John and Mary didn’t drive the green on short par 4s, hunt down flag sticks and hole bunker shots for eagles like Viktor probably did, they simply played to there handicaps of 22 and 36.

Like we broke down the way Viktor’s handicap works its also the same for John and Mary. If John plays of a handicap of 22 then he’s allowed to shoot 22 over the course par to shoot his handicap and his level par. Again depending on the difficulty of the course they will most likely be a little more flexible with John and give him around 25 strokes on the day and Mary maybe 44! Why?

This is because golf courses know that the higher the handicapper the less likely they are to play to there par and allow for some room to slowly hit there mark the more rounds they play.

This is why the handicapping system in golf is so clever, it allows people of all abilities and experience levels to play against one another and compete. It also gives golfers something to strive towards when out on the course. You have a number in mind and know what you need to do on each hole in order to hit that number and improve your game!

Let’s have a look at the major benefit’s of having a golf handicap and how having one will help you improve!

  • It’s one thing to believe that you are good at golf, and another is to have a trustable measure, like your golf handicap, that actually confirms how good you are. This isn’t for you to show off its for you to be fair to your playing partners!
  • Golf is a really fun game once you learn to play properly, but having a handicap ramps up the fun ten fold and gives you something official to fight for out there! More importantly it enables players of different levels to compete on an equal terms.
  • The handicapping system is now a one world system, meaning that you can travel overseas and play off the same handicap that you did back home and see how you shape up in different conditions! Ever played in temps near zero with icy wind? Those 250m drives you have been hitting now go 180m and you cant feel you fingers! Don’t worry though the course will factor that in on the day and you should still have a shot at your par (if you have a handicap that is).
  • Its a great gauge, and is fascinating to track how your performance improves and deteriorates at times and gives you the feedback you need to put the work in required to get back to the level you know you can play at!
  • Having an official handicap lets you bet! Every true golfer loves some friendly competition with mates and having a handicap is the perfect way to iron out any uneven terrain! Whilst letting you place some bragging rights into the group chat and maybe even some cash!
  • Do you play golf? What’s your handicap? Everyone gets asked this and now you have an answer! Are you embarrassed of your handicap number? Good then get out there and Improve it!
  • So you can play in the club competition’s and win prizes such as the monthly medal. Having a handicap lets you travel and play at different courses in competition and test your skills against other golfers and even represent your club!
  • Because having a golf handicap is awesome and truly opens the flood gates to your golfing life.
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What is a golf handicap & how can I get one?

A golf handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s ability or their “potential to play” a golf course at a given moment in time. Handicaps are calculated by comparing a player’s average number of strokes per round with their playing partners’ averages.

This handicap allows players of varying abilities to play with and fairly compete against one another.  The lower the handicap, the fewer shots you are given to play your round against the course and your fellow competitors.

Your handicap is also a measure of how well you are playing. Reducing your handicap is something every golfer can aspire to!

How does the golf handicap system work?

Historically,  handicap systems have varied from country to country, with many different systems in force around the world.  However, the USGA and the R&A, working with the various handicapping authorities, devised a new World Handicap System (WHS)  implemented in Australia in January 2020 and is being introduced globally. Golf Australia calculates the handicap for each player via cards entered into Golflink system through affiliate clubs such as Emajin Golf.

The World Handicapping System has been designed to make it possible and fair to compare golfers’ scores when they are competing from different tees on the same golf course, or even when they are competing against competitors playing different golf courses on that same day!

How do I get a golf handicap in Australia?

To get a Golf Australia (GA) Handicap, you need to be a member of a Golf Australia affiliated club such as Emajin GC.  You will then need to submit your scores for either three 18 hole rounds, six 9 hole or equivalent combinations of rounds using one of the following options:

  • By emailing your scanned signed scorecards to
  • By posting your signed scorecards to PO Box 89, Bondi Junction, NSW 1355

Rules for acceptance of scorecards for handicapping

Each scorecard must be verified and signed by someone who has a current GA handicap and has witnessed your round.

Submitted scorecards must display:

  • the date the round was played
  • the course played by tee colour
  • the number of strokes taken to complete each hole to a maximum of 5 strokes over each hole’s par
  • the player’s signature
  • a marker signature who has an official GA handicap and witnessed the round
  • the marker’s printed name and Golflink number

You can submit unlimited conforming scorecards to us for handicapping. 

Your handicap will also be adjusted (higher and lower) when you enter and play golf club open days, invitational, or other official competitions.

Having your own GA Handicap is a great incentive to improve your game. If you’re wondering how to get a golf handicap in Australia, talk to us today.

Remember you will need the Golflink number we supply within 24 hours of joining Emajin to book competition golf at clubs throughout Australia. You can expect your official Golflink card within 14 days.