From Tiger Woods to Inbee Park everyone started golf as a beginner. We all had to learn how to make that little white ball go somewhere in the vicinity of where we wanted it. Some of us have learnt to do it better than others, but no one has avoided air swings, chunks, topped shots, shanks, trees and water. Not even Tiger

So why have so many golfers persevered? Why is golf such a passion to so many?

Well…….. it is just so rewarding in so many ways. Socially, physically, and mentally, golf enhances the wellbeing of people without regard to their age, gender, religion or nationality.

Golf can be likened to having a baby that never sleeps, is demanding and takes all your time. You love it all the same and work to help it grow and prosper.

The challenge golf presents you is its magic and the key that unlocks a lifetime of

HOPE – If I keep at it, I will get better!

LEARNING – One more you tube video and I will get this right!

FRIENDSHIP – I love these guys, my golfing mates!

Golf in it’s extremes can take you from despair to ecstasy in a few shots. It can introduce you to people you may have never met and places you may never have thought to visit. Golf’s magic is its ability to bring people together to compete not just for the prizes on offer but for the glory of conquering your nerves and skill limitations. Embrace the air swings as part of the process. Learn the basics, the etiquette, and get involved. Let the beautiful sport of golf be your passion too!