Emajin Golf gives you easy and low-cost access to having an official Golf Australia handicap. This opens doors to corporate events, open days and competition golf at hundreds of golf courses across Australia.

All Emajin members are eligible for an official Golf Australia handicap through us.

To get a handicap you will need to submit 3 completed 18-hole scorecard images or 6 completed 9-hole scorecard images to us.

Submit your scorecard at 

Once you submit your 3 scorecards, your official GA handicap will be issued within 24 hours.

Send your scorecard to us at 

Emajin Golf accepts social cards from our members for handicapping.

Send an image of your fully completed scorecard via
For more information please visit

All submitted scorecards must display

  • The date the round was played
  • The course played by tee colour
  • The number of strokes taken to complete each hole to a maximum of 5 strokes over each hole’s par
  • The player’s signature
  • A marker signature who has an official GA handicap and sited the round
  • The marker’s printed name and Golflink number

Yes, you can transfer your current GA Handicap to Emajin Golf and expect it to become your home club within 1 business day. 

Yes, if you had a previous golf handicap, please provide us with the Golflink number, and this can be transferred to Emajin Golf so that your last handicap can be reinstated. You will be issued with a handicap within one business day.

Having an Official Golf Australia Handicap gives you access to play competition golf at hundreds of golf courses throughout Australia. You can access public tee times on the “Where Can I Play”  tab on our site. Sometimes you may need to call the golf club to book competition tee times.

A handicap also allows you to play in organised golf tour competitions, corporate days, and participate in prizes at our various Emajin events.

There is no minimum term for membership. 

When you become a member of Emajin online, you have purchased a subscription based membership and you will be billed on a recurring basis. This means that we will debit your nominated card or bank account until you tell us to stop.

To change or cancel your membership, simply email or call 1800 362 546

Call our customer service team 24/7 on 1800 EMAJIN