Emajin Podcast: #5 Anthony Wood : Creating a Culture of Accountability

Welcome to the Emajin Golf podcast beyond the 19th.

 We believe that a true golfing networking shouldn’t end in the clubhouse….. so beyond the 19th is our way of staying connected with the exciting and fun Emajin network.

In episode #5  we are delighted to have Anthony Wood from EOS Worldwide as our guest.  Anthony has more than 30 years of experience building both his own businesses as well as helping numerous business owners build and grow their business.

He has won numerous awards including the BRW Fast 100 Hall of Fame.

 In this episode, Anthony shares his insights on ‘How to Create a Culture of Accountability’ within your business using the EOS medtics of Vision, Traction and Healthy.  He also shares ‘The 5 Factors of living an ideal Entrepreneurial Life’.

This episode is a must listen!


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Welcome to the Emajin Golf Podcast, Beyond the 19th At Emajin Golf, we believe that a