Emajin Podcast: #4 Jason Fong : Taking Your Network To The Next Level

Welcome to episode #4 of the Emajin Golf Podcast Series – Beyond the 19th.At Emajin Golf, we believe that a true golfing network shouldn’t end in the clubhouse. Hosted by Raj Narayan, Founder of Emajin Golf, Beyond the 19th is our way of staying connected with the exciting & fun Emajin Network.

On episode #4 of Beyond the 19th, I have the absolute pleasure of conversing with Jason Fong, Emajin member, Owner of the luxurious travel-focused Instagram account, “The Boss of Bali,” and Director of the membership based Forbes Club.

We delved into the intriguing story of how Jason’s honeymoon in Bali, two decades ago, ignited his profound affection for the island and eventually led to his impressive following of 2.3 million on Instagram. Although he initially embarked on his career in the luxury travel industry, skillfully negotiating deals with hotels, Jason was never the person behind the lens capturing the picturesque moments for Instagram.

It was his passion for Bali that started him on the journey and kindled his passion to create an Instagram page, with the goal of inspiring people to explore and experience the beauty of Bali. Jason also shares his insights on the immense value of networking and gives us his tips on how to contribute value within these connections.

This is a must hear episode to gain great insights on the art of building your social media presence and creating value adding networks for business.

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