Emajin Golf & Networking – November 2023 @ St Michael’s Golf Club

The November 2023 the Emajin Golf and Networking event was held at the impressive St Michael’s Golf Club in Sydney, Australia, marking what was a significant milestone for Emajin Golf and its many Business Members.  On this beautiful spring day, a collaboration and fellowship took centre stage as executive business owners, entrepreneurs, and their guests gathered to blend the worlds of golf, business and networking.

The day kicked off with a hot breakfast and lively networking in the clubhouse. Attendees where a diverse mix of professionals, who took the opportunity to learn about each other’s passion for golf and delve into discussions about various businesses. The friendship amongst participants set a positive tone for the day, emphasising the growing demand for experiences that seamlessly integrate golf with networking.

After the guests warmed-up on the putting green and a memorable group photo taken, the day eagerly unfolded—the shotgun start for 18 holes of golf against the backdrop of panoramic views extending from lush greens to the captivating Pacific Ocean where hard to beat. Each of us were given our electric golf carts and we were whisked away to our starting holes, and the joy of escaping the office for the beautiful fairways and greens became more and more evident.

The weather cooperated perfectly, providing an ideal setting for both serious golf discussions and casual networking. The question lingered in the air—why not introduce more business friends to the fantastic concept of Emajin Golf? For those looking to refine their golf skills, Emajin offered a unique opportunity to learn from our very own PGA golf professionals too. This involved the ‘short-game,’ sand bunker masterclass and putting skills clinic – not only to improve golf techniques but also provided a platform for organic networking and laughter.

As the golfers returned to the clubhouse after 18 holes, stories of glorious shots and missed opportunities filled the air. The event seamlessly transitioned to include the ‘networking’ participants, the ‘golf clinic’ attendees, creating a dynamic mix. We were all seated next to others at the luncheon that we hadn’t met during golf or at breakfast, which was a stroke of genius for participants to further grow their business connections by meeting yet more connections.  The 2-course luncheon in the main dining room facilitated relaxed connections, allowing participants to forge bonds in a social atmosphere.

The pinnacle of the day arrived with a keynote address by Doug Jones, the CEO of Metcash, a prominent player in the Australian Stock Exchange. Drawing from his extensive corporate experience, Mr. Jones shared invaluable insights into the intersection of business strategy and some small personal insights. His keynote resonated with the business members, offering takeaways applicable not only on the golf course but also in the boardroom, effectively connecting the two realms.

Networking remained a focal point, seamlessly woven into the fabric of the event. The picturesque golf course provided a unique backdrop for meaningful conversations, whether discussing industry trends, exploring collaborations, or sharing anecdotes about golf swings. The event transcended the typical networking experience, offering a platform for connections that extended beyond the confines of traditional business events.  Doug Jones also made us aware of his chosen charity in South Africa, called COWs.   COWs Charity represent people with a passion for life and the desire to make a difference.  “We say LOVE LIVING LIFE!” The Cows fundraise exclusively for CHOC (Childhood Cancer Association) which plays a key role in providing care for children diagnosed with cancer across South Africa. It is a country wide organisation that provides the highest level of care required to treat childhood cancer patients across South Africa.   Emajin Golf donated $1000AUD.  Many of our Business Members of Emajin Golf also donated AUD to this very important Charity including Arc Renewable Energy who bid and won a restaurant voucher in the amount of $1000.

We would also like to thank our golf sponsors at our event today – they were:

EOS Worldwide – Hole Sponsor #3

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a set of simple concepts and practical tools used by more than 190,000 + companies around the world to clarify, simplify and achieve their vision.

BC Property Agents – Hole Sponsor # 5

Providing exceptional customer service for over 10 years, specialising in sales, rentals, property management, buyer’s agent services.

AdVisible – Hole Sponsor #12

Established for over 13 years and recognised as a Google Premier Partner in the top 3% of digital agencies across Australia, has been a pillar of excellence in digital marketing with a dedicated team of 30+ local professions.

Liveware – Hole Sponsor #15

Creates game-changing customer journeys that help brands grow worldwide and into the future.  Focus is to transform processes and empower change delivering an ecosystem where systems, people and processes are managed effectively.

As the day concluded, participants left with more than just business connections. They departed with insights from Doug Jones’ keynote, refined golfing skills from the clinic, and a network of professional contacts that promised enduring connections. The Emajin Golf and Networking Event wasn’t a fleeting affair; it was an immersive experience resonating long after leaving the venue.

The overwhelming success of the event solidified its place as a must-attend gathering in both the business and golfing calendars. Emajin Golf showcased the potential for combining business and leisure in an enjoyable and professionally enriching manner. The sold-out status and positive feedback underscored the growing demand for such integrated experiences.

The Emajin Golf and Networking Event at St Michael’s Golf Club stood as a triumph—a seamless blend of business, networking, and golfing excellence. By bringing together entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse fields, the event set a high standard for future business and golfing collaborations with Emajin Golf.   It wasn’t just an event; it was an affirmation that the integration of business and leisure, when done right, creates an unparalleled experience resonating with participants long after the last putt has been made.

Cheers to a another successful year Emajin and more remarkable events to come in 2024 and beyond.


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