Australia’s Biggest Golf Competition

Emajin Online Golf Comp. Play Anyone, Anywhere!

Sam Peters (25) from Coolangatta Golf Club is on an absolute heater today and is coming down the stretch looking at 40+ points, this time he doesn’t fumble and closes the round out with solid golf to win his Wednesday club comp. If only Sam’s buddies who have just recently packed up and moved to Sydney where there to see it! They have joined up at Eastlakes GolfClub in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. The golf rivalry between the mates is now a thing of the past due to life’s commitments of work, relationships and kids. You know the deal! 

But there is hope, ‘Emajin’ a club exists where you can still play against your mates who are in different states! Well now thats a reality and we want all to reap the benefits of how cool this really is. 

Fast forward a month and Sam and the boys have all managed to put a round together and are chilling in different club houses in different states refreshing the leaderboard to see who’s on top this week/ month so that they can cash in on there bets and even have a shot at some free gear whilst there at it! Welcome to the future of comp golf in Australia! 

So what the hell is an online golf competition you ask and how does it all work?

Well we are glad you asked! Emajin is very proud to announce whats just the beginning of Australia’s biggest golf competition. It works like this, you register to Emajin’s online comp and join the list of golfers who are already actively participating, from there you go out and play your regular club competition rounds and instead of just going in the running to win your club comp that day, now you can see where you ranked nation wide! To top it all off, if you’ve played well enough you will have the chance to win epic prizes including custom fit drivers, golf bags, free rounds and all sorts of golf goodies. 

Let’s review some details and dive into how this is all possible; First up you need to join, the fee is $120 a year so its cheap as chips to register. Then its as simple as playing your local comps or any comp where your scores are submitted to Golflink. You can use any scorecard. If you are playing in a club competition or open competition, those scores can also count towards an Emajin Comp.  These are sourced directly from Golflink, so there is no need for you to do anything other than play your best golf.

We will pool the top 5 results that come in weekly and monthly and if thats you then you will go into the draw with the other 4 top scorers that month for your chance to win a brand new driver. If you have placed in the weekly leaders, you will win a box of ProV1s to help you continue your journey to the top of ranks!

There are no minimum or maximum rounds you can play in a month so if you’re a true golf addict like us you’ve got even more of a chance to get in the winners circle. You will be able to check the live leaderboard on and send screen shots through to your buddies in a completely different post code to fuel the competitive fire!

At Emajin we are competitive at heart and know that in Golf that its through friendly competition that progress takes place, so we want to spread this belief like wildfire and let the fun begin!

To find out more information and how you can get involved check out and get involved today!

Best of luck out there, we will be watching!


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