GOLF TIP – Ingraining ALIGNMENT into your game

“It goes without saying that it is no good having a perfect set-up, perfect grip and perfect golf swing if the whole thing is misaligned. It sounds obvious but many players simply do not spend enough time getting themselves on target.” ~ Nick Faldo ~

???? At the RANGE, check the position of your feet, knees, hips and shoulders, using clubs or alignment sticks
???? Ask a friend to stand behind you as you hit balls and CHECK your hips and shoulders. These are tough to check yourself!
???? Stand behind the ball, look at your TARGET, pick a leaf or mark a few feet in front of the golf ball, on your ball-to-target line. Adjust your feet, hips and shoulders so they are parallel to this line.
???? Practice this routine. This can then become part of your PRE SHOT routine on the course.

Get in the game!


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